Pros and Cons of Working at Home

In most cases people who are eager to spend most of their time enjoying the comforts of home choose to work from home. People also opt for free work at home jobs to earn an extra income fulfill various needs, personal as well as professional.There are many ways to make money with free work at home jobs. You can start your own home based business, work with an existing business firm, run online auctions, freelance for any company, do data entry jobs, get paid for online surveys and so on.Working at home is no doubt beneficial but can be problematic too. Some of the pros and cons of working at home are listed below.Pros:· Comfortable locationDaily commuting from home to office and vice versa is cumbersome and expensive for some people. If there is space enough in ones house to make an office space to maintain some amount of privacy then there is nothing better than that. This way you can share a lot of time with your family which is usually not possible with a regular 12 hour office job.· FlexibilityYou can figure out your own working hours and do not have to follow a strict nine-to-five schedule. You can take breaks whenever you want and continue working till you are satisfied. There is extreme freedom as far as dress code is concerned. You can be as comfortable as possible and be your own boss.· SavingsYou can cut down on your fuel expenses and save money by working at home. Car maintenance charges are also reduced as a result. If you are working for a private company from home they will also furnish the equipments required for your work and no question of expenditure on your part.· Other reasonsThere are people who experience less stress working from home. They can control and concentrate on their work without the interference of colleagues and the boss. Health problems can also be solved by working from home.Cons:· Isolation from social life – If you are working at home you are dissociated from the rest of your coworkers. Working alone can at times be very boring and time consuming. You might not be able to solve many work problems without helping hands. The lack of social interaction can lead to depression and other psychological problems which would hamper your work.· Limited Options -You cannot work from home if your work does not permit you to do so. For instance, if you are involved in the field of public relations, communication with people is indispensable for you. You cannot choose to work from your home in such a situation. So the type of work is a primary condition to be able to work from home.· Equipment expenditure -If your office does not provide you the equipments required for your work at home, it can increase your expenses. This can be problematic for people who do not have enough savings to incur this cost. You need a proper space in your house to set up an office because a minimum privacy is required for work. If that is not available it is even more expensive to set up a small work space in your house.· No regular income -If your work is project based then you might not receive monthly pay checks. Your financial condition has to be extremely well to maintain your finances in such a scenario.· Fraud -You might not be trusted completely by your clients since you are working from home. Your sincererity might be under surveillance. This would hamper your professional image to your clients.· Distractions -If you have children they can be the cause of distractions during your working hours. Visitors can also disturb you while you work. You cannot avoid such sources of disturbance when you are working at home.· Discipline -You need a great deal of self discipline, energy, dedication and financial stability to work from home successfully.

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